KellyBronze turkeys at Drydenfarms

In 1999 we became a hero farmer for KellyBronze turkeys.  Our family farm at Murton near Durham is the only KellyBronze turkey farm in the North East.

We rear 500 free range kb turkeys & 100 free range geese. We are not organic however welfare is very important.  The birds graze each day in grass fields enjoying a varied diet. At night they are housed in barns. All are processed on our farm & pre ordered collection  is from 

M & J Dryden, Murton Moor Farm, Murton, Durham, SR7 9TN,  collection,23 &24 Dec. 9am to 4pm.
WheelBirks Parlour, Stocksfield, Northumberland, NE43 7HY,collection,  23 Dec, 9am to 12 am.
Fox`s Nursery, Elton Lane Gardens, Yarm Back Lane, TS21 1AZ, collection 23 Dec, 9am to 12am.
Broom House Farm Butchers Shop, Witton Gilbert, Durham, DH7 6TR, collection 23 Dec, 9am to 12am.
Kirkharle Farm Shop, Kirkharle , Northumberland, NE19 2PE. collection 9am to 12am.